Thursday, September 29, 2016

young thug love me forever

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young thug love me forever Lyrics, singer by YOUNG THUG

i want you to love me forever [x4]

she let me ride it like a caravan baby
i swear i need you to come lay right there with me
she say she down and she gon lay and care for me
i don't know why she like the air that i'm breathing in
baby, breathe in with me
you make me go brazy, i know you won't judge me
you might turn to wifey, give you wife things and babies

i want you to love me forever [x4]
baby you know that i came here for your destiny
she wanna drop it if she can, she can baby
she wanna lock in when with her hand, yeah a marriage

she want it heavy like a bear
i told her drop that shit right here
i cut that pussy, barber chair
then i'm goin (psh) off in the air

shine it up then bounce it
climbing in it just like a mountain
my bankroll big like a bouncer
spitting game like a counselor
big old cross like a pastor
pop that pussy like a snapple
bitch i'm bleeding, where the napkins
bite it red like an apple
screaming free my brothers
i still sleep with my mother
last week i made a quarter
plus i still respect others
i can't believe it's not butter
that little bitch might be my supper
i get respect from her brother
crenshaw boolin, nipsey hussle
still prepared for them arrest ysl we goin' wrestle
chanel pouch on my left
fuck the cops we don't play it
benjamins, grants talk back
i be like who is that?
they be like where you at?
meet at the valley at sax


i want you to love me forever [x2]
until we meet each other, oh
i want you to love me forever
love me forever
i want you to love me forever

she love my life and don't care
i flood my bitch and i don't care what they say about it
you just a diamond in the mine and you dirty
i like my bitches brown like james, no worthy
scratched out the alphabet, 'cept b bitch
whoa, she standing naked bookin' bicky
whoa, i need them thick thighs on my chicken
you know, just got dropped off by scotty pippen
whoa, and i just wanna be loved

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